My name is Aaron

I live in Los Angeles and grew up here. I've done stints in other places but keep coming back (the sunshine is hard to beat!) 

I have a deeply ingrained need to build things, idle hands make me antsy. I prefer to work with great teams, but sometimes I'll tinker on projects by myself to learn about a space (like Deferred.com). I've been lucky enough to spend time at big companies like SoFi & Zillow, small companies like Clara (acquired by SoFi), and on my own company Balance Homes (acquired by EasyKnock).  

Outside of my day job, I advise start ups and write angel checks - sometimes directly and often with Socially Financed. I love partnering with great founders who are building interesting things fintech & proptech. I feel grateful to learn from other people's reps and pride myself on having a high helpfulness:dollar ratio on the checks I write.

In my free time I like to cook, hike, read, and explore the city.

Want to chat? Cold outreach is a skill and putting my email here is a recipe for spam 😬 Find a creative way to to get in touch, or just dm me on Twitter/X, LinkedIn.

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